Empathy, Trust, Strategy and Accomplishments that exceed your expectations are what you have to expect from working with me!


I personally take care of every client because I believe in values that are not scalable.

I don’t measure my accomplishments with my production values, I measure my accomplishments with my clients' personal perception of their real estate experience, it doesn’t matter if they have a big budget or a small budget.

I work like every Deal must be a Masterpiece!


If you think that you need a Realtor only to handle a transaction, I’m not your guy!

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Dustin McQuaide

Giuseppe is the best in the biz! My wife and I really could not have asked for a better experience than with Giuseppe. Giuseppe is understanding, patient, and most-of-all, knowledgeable. But most importantly, I really felt like Giuseppe had our best interests at heart, not necessarily his own. You will not be disappointed in any way by working with Giuseppe!

Kyle Conover

Giuseppe was an amazing buying agent as my wife and I searched for our first home. He helped my family find the perfect house for our needs and led every step of the way. He was able to negotiate a fair price, connect us with 5 financing options, arrange for the inspection, and helped us gather several types of bids for renovation projects (roof, flooring, paint, tile, etc). Even after we closed, Giuseppe has remained close, continuing to assist by connecting us to contractors for more projects on the house. I would definitely recommend Giuseppe for your home purchase!


Paula Silva

Giuseppe provided a 6 Stars service! He combines a deep technical expertise, knowledge about the local market and customer orientation mindset that is hard to find.
He was interested in learning more about our interests and goals from Day #1. With that mindset, he filtered the options and gave us a customized listing. Then he visited as many houses as needed until we found a prefect fit. And after that, he led the negotiations, got us the best deal and supported us after the sale. Even more than 2 months after the closing, he continues to help us with the renovations and great ideas. I am sure we were lucky to find the best Realtor!

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