• Sebastiano Rizzi

Selling Your House in Less than 48hrs!

Updated: Jul 12

Dustin and I met at an Open House, he moved to Austin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He had no idea of what the Austin market had to offer at first, therefore I decided to personally teach him about the best locations where a young guy like him, very smart IT Engineer, would really enjoy his time.

I drove him in the most trendy locations in Austin and ultimately decided to settle for a beautiful house close to Central Austin, in 78704.

When Dustin called me explaining that he had to sell the home for various reasons he did was not sure of what to do, especially when taking into consideration the impact that Covid-19 had on the everyone's lives. Thanks to my long international real estate experience I was able to create for him a full analysis of a make ready project to create a situation where we would exploit the full potential of the home to sell it quickly and with profits.

Ultimately the project worked out perfectly, the home was sold in less than 48 hours in a multiple offers situation, significantly over listing price.


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