• Sebastiano Rizzi

Buying and Selling a "Difficult" House in Less than 2 Years and Make Good Money!

I have met Sophia and Kyle in one of my Open House events. They had been living in an apartment complex in East Austin for almost a year after relocating from Los Angeles.

Both of them are very nice and sensitive people and they were very knowledgeable about Home Design.

They had a budget limited to $600k but, they were very flexible with the location and the general conditions in order to get a good deal on something with the kind of potential they were looking for.

We did amazing work together because we saw a good number of listings to understand what really would have been a good solution for them. Ultimately we ended up buying for a great price a home at 1308 Lost Creek Blvd in one of the hottest areas in Austin.

This property was sitting on the market for a very long time considering the average for that area and that was due to a variety of factors:

1) The property's location inside Lost Creek blvd is not the best.

2) The Lot has a weird shape.

3) The general conditions of the property were very messy. 

4) The sellers made some custom details by themselves that needed to be taken off.

5) The listing didn't have any "make ready" work in order to be presented to the market in the best way.

6) The Listing Agent made nothing in order to make a winning strategy to sell at the best conditions the property.

That was the worst way to List a property with a few important details that were clearly not optimal, especially in a Market Area like that.

Unfortunately a very superficial Marketing strategy will result in a very poor energy and people don't fall in love with a home in which they do not feel good within.

And this is what happened: the listing had been on the market for a very long time and even after a few price reductions, no offers were coming in. 

These were the ideal conditions for our buying strategy: a property with a great potential covered by a thick layer of "dust" that needed to be swept away!

Sophia and Kyle were super smart and when I showed the property to them and I explained what I would have done to improve it, they immediately understood the potential of this property and we were able to negotiate a fantastic price and leverage a lot their budget. We were able to buy a home that they would never have imagined they could have been able to afford!

In the summer of 2019 Sophia and Kyle were ready to make their move and go again on the market to sell the property and therefore they wanted me to manage the Listing strategy.

That has been amazing because it was the perfect opportunity to show how much a good Marketing Project and Make Ready Work can change the situation.

I designed a project which would completely change the personality of the home:

Painting the Interiors and Exteriors with a beautiful and bright white in order to show up with a completely different energy from only 18 months before.

Then I remodeled the bathrooms completely and I demolished and removed all those items that were self made by the previous owners.

The final result was unbelievable!!!!  

We had 120 showings and Visitors in the first 30 days and people couldn't believe that this was the same home which only 18 months ago wouldn't even sell.

When the house was listed in 2018, it had been on the market for 169 days before being sold and had less than 20 showings. It got ultimately sold for $599,000 from $655,000 which was the original Listing Price.

We listed the house in October 2019 and we got under contract finally in 45 days for $739,000! $140,000 more than the purchase price in less than 18 months!

  • Kyle Conover: "Giuseppe was an amazing buying agent as my wife and I searched for our first home. He helped my family find the perfect house for our needs and led every step of the way. He was able to negotiate a fair price, connect us with 5 financing options, arrange for the inspection, and helped us gather several types of bids for renovation projects (roof, flooring, paint, tile, etc). Even after we closed, Giuseppe has remained close, continuing to assist by connecting us to contractors for more projects on the house. I would definitely recommend Giuseppe for your home purchase!"


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