Dustin McQuaide


Giuseppe is the best in the biz! My wife and I really could not have asked for a better experience than with Giuseppe. Giuseppe is understanding, patient, and most-of-all, knowledgeable. But most importantly, I really felt like Giuseppe had our best interests at heart, not necessarily his own. You will not be disappointed in any way by working with Giuseppe!

Kyle Conover


Giuseppe was an amazing buying agent as my wife and I searched for our first home. He helped my family find the perfect house for our needs and led every step of the way. He was able to negotiate a fair price, connect us with 5 financing options, arrange for the inspection, and helped us gather several types of bids for renovation projects (roof, flooring, paint, tile, etc). Even after we closed, Giuseppe has remained close, continuing to assist by connecting us to contractors for more projects on the house. I would definitely recommend Giuseppe for your home purchase!

Paula Silva


Giuseppe provided a 6 Stars service! He combines a deep technical expertise, knowledge about the local market and customer orientation mindset that is hard to find.
He was interested in learning more about our interests and goals from Day #1. With that mindset, he filtered the options and gave us a customized listing. Then he visited as many houses as needed until we found a prefect fit. And after that, he led the negotiations, got us the best deal and supported us after the sale. Even more than 2 months after the closing, he continues to help us with the renovations and great ideas. I am sure we were lucky to find the best Realtor!

Curtis King


Giuseppe exhibits all the qualities of a great real estate agent. He's very responsive, proactive and organized. As first time home buyers, my wife and I weren't exactly sure what we wanted in a home. Giuseppe took the time to show us a number of houses that he knew we were never going to buy solely to expose us to a variety of different styles and features, helping us determine exactly what we wanted our new home to have. His local market knowledge is fantastic. Giuseppe told us one of the first homes we looked at could be purchased for well below asking price and it would be tough to find a better deal in the local market given our tastes and preferences. Two months and dozens of houses later, he was proven right as we ended up purchasing the home he said was the best value.
What really separates Giuseppe from other good real estates is his development experience. This came into play during and after the house buying process. During the process, he helped us see the changes that could be made to make the house we purchased perfect for us (and provided accurate estimates for these renovations). After working with my wife to developed a detailed list of renovations, he solicited and negotiated bids from contractors saving us tens of thousands of dollars and ensuring the work completed on our house would be of the highest quality. Even though we've closed on the house and he's been paid, Giuseppe still meets with our contractor to ensure the renovations are going smoothly and checks in with us on a frequent basis. He's quick to respond when we ask for his advice on new design ideas.
We plan to be in our home a long time but if we ever move, there's no question that Giuseppe will be the one helping us find a new house.

Le Zheng


Giuseppe is excellent! I have a very good experience with him in buying a property!
During the property searching, he put all candidate properties in a metric-based system to measure the performance. And you can easily pick the property by its performance.
In the property buying process, he is very honest. He told me the ground truth of the property. If there is a hidden problem, he will surely tell you and give you suggestions.
He is an excellent realtor and a very good partner to have in your house hunting.

Roxanne Boham


I cannot say enough good things about Giuseppe, I wish I had more stars on here! He is a funny, dependable, top notch realtor who knows the Austin area, the local economy, and has many contacts that were extremely helpful in facilitating the process of purchasing a home. Overall, it was a pleasurable event as he helped to deal with any hiccups that were encountered. He took the time to understand me and considered my needs during the search, which was most important since I live in GA and I could not personally view the properties. I now own a lovely property and I look forward to getting more recommendations and working with him in the future. I highly recommend Giuseppe and hope that your home purchasing experience is as wonderful as mine. Thank you Giuseppe!

Bin Bin Lu


giuseppe s really experienced in investment property
i have bought a couple properties from him and the process is very smooth and everything goes as expected
he has a pretty large hand picked good investment property inventory you can pick. he has close relationship with other seller/buyer agents so you can get good price and get properties not even on the market. he knows every bits of investment property from buying/selling to property management/rehabbing. he is very detail oriented and you can trust him fully
if you want to buy some investment property, you should talk to him. you will notice the difference :)

Fred Ballard

Custom Builder/Investor

Soon after meeting Giuseppe in 2017 I realized that he had a unique grasp of the Austin real estate business. It is not surprising, now that I realize he has the unusual ability to do both tireless analytical research AND uncover buyers’ true needs in face-to-face conversation with equal enthusiasm. Anyone wanting to buy or sell in this market would do well to consider him to help you because he understands how it works.

Jake Bradley

Custom Builder/Investor

Working with Guiseppe (Marco as we know him), it is hard to not be inspired by his enthusiastic and passionate approach to real estate and development opportunities. His ability to analyze data and formulate credible and fair negotiations comes naturally and always inspires confidence when signing on the dotted line. I would highly recommend this group.

Nicola Ferrato


Giuseppe has been a consultant for the real estate investments of our group for over 20 years, he has worked on the development of an important residential area, the development and construction of an industrial plant in Italy, the development of investments and industrial plants also in Moldova and Côte d'Ivoire in uncomfortable and unusual situations. Giuseppe has always been able to manage the projects we have entrusted to him in total autonomy and with excellent results, respecting the agreed budgets and time periods. Giuseppe is extraordinarily effective thanks to a deep and direct knowledge of all aspects of the real estate business and to an uncommon ability to adapt instantly to any change and solve problems with creative ideas. In many years of business relationship, our relationship with Giuseppe was also consolidated in a personal relationship of profound friendship and mutual respect that overcomes any issues. Giuseppe is part of our family.

Rika Caoduro & Joey Nenni


Since we started dealing with Giuseppe Rizzi we have been very satisfied. His professionalism and competence are unparalleled.
We appreciate him for his thirty years of experience, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, and no pressure approach.
Having all of these qualities creates a less stressful atmosphere when making a real estate transaction.

By listening to our needs Giuseppe understood what we were looking for and how it must fit into our lifestyle.
He analyzed and decided with us the best locations for our investment and provided us graphics to support the choice we were going to make.
He has always been available to answer all of our questions and doubts with an open and honest attitude which was a breath of fresh air compared to some of our past experiences which lacked information and communication.
He kept in touch with us throughout the entire process and after to make sure we were satisfied and happy with our choice.

He is always positive and cheerful and a pleasure to talk with every time.

We cannot thank Giuseppe enough for his help and hard work throughout this process and recommend him as a realtor to anyone.
He has been absolutely faultless and we will always be grateful to him!

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